Business Manager

Position: FULL TIME

Main responsibilities (in order of priority):

  • Manage the showroom and office making sure all operations and projects run smoothly.
  • Lead and motivate the business and team to be efficient and productive, assigning tasks, setting objectives, reviewing performance and inspiring development.
  • Organise weekly staff meetings to discuss projects, targets, efficiency and improvements.
  • Recruit and interview new employees (when necessary) to determine if they are a suitably skilled and provide the relevant contracts and paperwork.
  • Keep detailed records of revenue and cash flow to provide an interesting analysis of the business performance with financial projections, reporting this to Christopher accordingly.
  • Assess the different revenue streams; what can be made more profitable and areas of development.
  • Work with Christopher Howe to analyse and formulate short and long-term business strategy.
  • Make sure that the business complies with all regulations both legal and those laid down by the company.
  • Represent the business and portray it in a positive light (public relations).
  • Understand the identity and the core brand values of HOWE ensuring the team as whole shares this understanding and adheres to the brand guidelines.
  • Communicate these brand values by creating and updating our strategy along with our currently 3-strong marketing team, spanning editorial, social media and social events and the website.
  • Continually assess the marketing performance to understand the success and return of investment.

Other responsibilities:

  • Review new technologies and efficiencies that could be adapted for HOWE.
  • Manage utilities etc. in collaboration with the Office Manager.
  • Pay attention to our competitors.
  • Please understand that the successful applicant should, in all probability, have previous management experience and have excellent leadership qualities.

To apply please send your cover letter and CV to [email protected]