The Barn

“From afar, it looks like a barn: a plain, antique structure of buttery Cotswold stone set in rolling fields outside a picture-perfect village in Gloucestershire. But drive down the lane, through the gates and around the building’s corner, and it’s something else entirely: an open-plan, glass-fronted contemporary home, with airy rooms laid out like a large-scale dollhouse, facing one of the U.K.’s few remaining wildflower meadows.” The New York Times

The aesthetic and design decisions for this project were led by the desire to restore what is natural to the interior. The aim was to create another world, to offer an escape but one grounded in the history and purpose of the original building.

Great attention was paid to choosing materials that would be in keeping with the original building as well as finding the most skilled craftsmen to work with them. Local timber was used for the floor and walls, sourced from a nearby salvage yard, the fine wrought iron handrail was handmade by a local blacksmith, even such details as the wooden door latch on the bathroom have been handcrafted.

The interior itself has been filled with an eclectic mix of the very best antique pieces alongside contemporary lighting and some of Howe’s signature bespoke designs. A beautiful painted regency chest of drawers sit below a  large 1950s Serge Mouille three-armed ceiling light in the bedroom, Swedish mid Century flat weave rugs bring bold colour to the space and an original Royere wrought iron standard lamp provides reading light over an antique battered leather armchair.

“The interiors he decorates seem to transcend time and space, at once charmingly period (a mix of mostly 18th- to mid-20th-century) and strikingly modern, without a hint of stuffiness. The effect is of having traveled to an undetermined utopian era, where every object is alluring and useful and bewitchingly timeless.” The New York Times