Early Modernist Studio Chair

Constructed in birch plywood with adjustable seat height, the spine and cross stretcher in steel and on four splayed legs,  designed in the Post-War period making use of readily available and low cost materials and finding immediate acceptance from ‘ordinary people’ for whom such furniture was intended for; popularised through exhibitions such as Britain Can Make It in 1946 and the 1951 Festival of Britain, akin to designers such as Ernest Race and Carl Jacobs for Kandya.

  • Approx Seat Height: Varied
  • Max Depth: 550mm / 21 ½"
  • Max Height: 860mm / 33¾"
  • Max Width: 510mm / 20"
  • Seat Depth: 380mm / 15"
  • Seat Width: 405mm / 15 ¾"
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