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At HOWE our furniture is made using all the traditional methods that were developed throughout the 17th, 18th & 19th Centuries using skills that have been handed down through generations of formal apprenticeships. Working with individual craftsmen, each piece of our furniture is expertly carved and polished using traditional methods of cabinet making. Equal attention is given to the upholstery, ensuring the highest quality results. Seats are made using coil springs and webbed platforms which are then sculpted and padded using hand stitched horsehair and pure down.

“We are preoccupied, I would say obsessed with the way things are made. We don’t make anything in the 18th Century style unless it is made in the 18th Century way. We do embrace modern techniques when required for commercial projects but we will always make things in the best possible way.” CH

We offer a range of styles in our upholstery techniques and work closely with our clients to meet individual briefs. De-constructed upholstery, Howe’s signature style developed in the early years, exhibits the quality of workmanship by exposing the traditional methods of construction that are usually concealed.

By making products to order, Howe is able offer clients a service which allows them to specify every detail so that the end result is perfect and often unique.  Christopher’s artistic approach to design means quality is put at the forefront and leads the design process.

Within the ‘Made by Howe’ range there are a few exceptional pieces that are designs that Christopher has developed from the very early years of the business that are both exquisitely crafted and rare. These pieces are individually handmade by our highly skilled individual craftsman in unique workshops, some of whom we have worked with for over twenty years. These limited edition pieces do take longer to create but are always worth the wait and can be enjoyed through generations to come.