Christopher has drawn inspiration from C18th dressers, carefully sourcing functional hardware including nice old taps and a variety of handles, salvaged pitch pine for the long worktop and reclaimed teak for the utility room draining board. The blackened steel shelf above the range cooker makes a particularly satisfying feature and what was originally ribbed steel fire back has been reienvented by Christopher as the perfect splash back.

The beautifully made bespoke dresser is reminiscent of the colossal examples in kitchens at Petworth House and Castle Drogo, which reflect the simple domesticity of Georgian (or indeed Edwardian) life. Extending the length of the kitchen, it houses the Howe staff’s herbs, house olive oil, Staffordshire tableware as well as providing enough workspace for all the communal chopping of fresh vegetables picked from the abundant back yard. There are unique kitchen accessories items for purchase, unusual pots, cutlery some hand carved spoons, as well as a special spice drawer filled with holiday spices from Turkey.

“The idea of the kitchen collaboration with Plain English came about from living with a dismal excuse for a kitchen with an ever growing number of staff and really wanting to encourage them to eat great food.
 When thinking of how the kitchen could be redesigned, it seemed to creep further and further into the showroom, until the penny dropped. It had to be the whole of the space downstairs and be totally integrated. We were already working with Plain English within our interior projects and felt their design ethos and dedication to craftsmanship was so much in keeping with our approach”

The design references values of the past but gently evolves them to embrace modern ways of living and aims to ignite imaginations and encourage creativity.  Our ultimate wish is that the kitchen will provide a lively focus for events and suppers where authentic seasonal food and drink can be prepared for staff, craftsmen and clients alike.

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