Sale Howe



On Thursday we hosted a very special event for the launch of Jeremy Hackett’s book ‘Isle of Dogs’ a tea table book full of the sweetest photos of his two Sussex Spaniels Muffin and Harry. Joined by guest illustrator Victoria Fitzroy, guests got their hands on a copy of the book, and posed for adorable portraits with their canine counterparts, who were the guests of honour.

Afternoon Tea #madebyhowe

Smoked salmon, lemon juice and black pepper sandwiches
Cucumber, homemade lemon mayonnaise and poppy seed sandwiches
Warm, homemade organic sausage rolls
Buttery scones with lots of clotted cream and jam
Fiery ginger biscuits
Triple chocolate muffins – a dedication to the star pooch
Stacks of doggy treats (not a #madebyhowe speciality… yet)!