A delicious brunch of roasted organic tomatoes on toast from London Farmer’s Market, with home grown purple basil was served up to our guests in the new HOWE kitchen before Christopher’s Q&A with Carole Annett from Country & Townhouse Magazine on Sunday morning.


The kitchen was conceived by Christopher in order to feed our growing number of underpaid staff both healthily and affordably and to tear customers away from their computer screens and back  into the shop. It was designed in collaboration with Plain English and built as a testament to traditional 18th century design. Every handle, every drawer and every hook in this Georgian design kitchen has a purpose. Once the heart of the home, the kitchen is now the heart of HOWE.


Respect for quality design is a fundamental element of our philosophy here at HOWE, where respect is paid to original design and its quality maintained. Discussing his approach, Christopher explained that whilst college educated designers are creating modern and industrial designs, antiques dealers
and traditional furniture makers have turned to their favourite pieces, faithfully referencing the original design and its way of being made. With 2017 being the first year that the Pimlico Road has been invited to take part in London Design Festival, it unites and celebrates with other design schools and districts in London.


We did not choose the bar stool, the bar stool chose us. The focus of the event was our #madebyhowe range of bar stools, Christopher showed our guests how forward thinking this turn to past designs really can be.

Embracing the modern concept of relaxed dining, entrepreneurial restauranteur Adam White of Riding House Café made a strong commitment to our first bar stool design, the Captain. With such an attitude rare in commercial design, matched only in the past by Mark Birley’s first private member’s club Annabel’s; the respect for clients, the provision of luxury and style instead of a ‘look’ lacking real substance

perfectly matched the HOWE ethos. Ranging from the extremes of 18th century craftsmanship to considerations of modern manufacture, quality and budget, the Made by HOWE bar stools embrace this design challenge.

Spot our bar stools in the following locations:

5 Hertford Street, London.

Clarendon Cocktail Cellar in The Cambridge Street Kitchen, London.

Gee’s, The Old Parsonage, Quod in the Old Bank, Oxford.

Harry Gordon’s Bar at Selfridges, London.

Rail House Café, Riding House Café and Village East, London.

The Groucho Club, London.

Thomas’ at Burberry, London.

Though this may be the first time we have cooked a Sunday breakfast in our new Howe kitchen, it certainly won’t be the last. Thank you to Country and Townhouse and all our guests for making this such a successful event!