Organic Spicy minced lamb simmered on the stove as team Howe took on another day of work. Whilst the lamb bubbled away and the afternoon progressed the kitchen filled with busy hands and exotic smells. A hive of activity.

From Max and Alice, two types of hummus to whet the appetite for the feast ahead. Holly’s baba ganoush and Amy’s tzatziki cooled the heat of the lamb. Served with roasted courgettes and tomatoes from the Pimlico Road courtyard, Emily’s carefully kneaded flatbreads and a true garden salad decorated with peppery nasturtiums.

We were joined by one of our lovely craftsmen, our gardener – responsible for half the food on the table, Auntie Jude came bearing figs and Bijarne arrived from Sweden just in time. The Howe family took seat around the new long kitchen table, an (almost) perfect fit.