Bear led the toast…

Far from the frenzied preparations of last week, Wednesday evening at Howe was a comparatively calm culinary experience. Joined by our neighbour Matthew from Colefax and a spirited turnout from the Howe team, we celebrated reaching 10,000 Instagram followers!

Mouthwatering smells filled the office all day as James slow cooked his delicious Boeuf Bourguignon. Beef from a farm in Sussex tenderised first on the stove, the pan deglazed with a pretty decent Côtes du Rhône, fresh and vivid tender stem broccoli, green beans and crispy roasted new potatoes.

But let’s not forget the delicious sticky roasted beetroot classically accompanied by a goats cheese and walnut salad that kicked off the feast!

The dinner was wonderfully concluded with Christopher’s signature dish, a creative crumble; nectarine, apricot, rhubarb and ginger, an almond topping and of course a good scoop of vanilla ice-cream to top it off.