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HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0002
HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0002HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0009HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0006HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0010HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0014HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0012HB900321 – Princess + Pea Dog Bed-0015

Princess & The Pea Dog Bed

Medium size Princess and the pea dog bed. Multi layered dog bed, fit for a princess! Individual, machine washable cushions, layered and held together with webbing straps.


Length: 720mm / 28¾"
Width: 530mm / 20¾"

Item code: HB900321

Price: £784.80 (inc VAT)