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HB900160 – Large Log Basket-0007
HB900160 – Large Log Basket-0007HB900275 – Small Square Log Basket-0004HB900160 – Large Log Basket-0008HB900274 – Medium Square Log Basket-0004HB900274 – Medium Square Log Basket-0001HB900160 – Large Log Basket-0001HB900160 – Large Log Basket-0002

Square Log Baskets

Small, medium and large square log baskets, traditionally handwoven in wicker. Perfect fireside storage for the winter months.

We try to keep a good stock of all sizes, but please enquire for availability.


Height: 540mm / 21¼''
Width: 740mm / 29''

Width: 590mm / 23¼''
Height: 460mm / 18''

Height: 380mm / 15''
Width: 440mm / 17¼''

Item code: HH800037

Price: Please enquire