Sale Howe

The Howe Kitchen

The bespoke kitchen in the Pimlico Road showroom of Howe London is the result of a creative collaboration between Katie Fontana, creative director of Plain English and Christopher Howe. It celebrates fine craftsmanship, domestic values and creative vision.

“This kitchen collaboration is a culmination of inspiration that’s been simmering if not BUBBLING away for a long time. For Katie it was an opportunity to make a perhaps more daring and unconventional design of kitchen than is currently on display at the Marylebone showroom, and for me who has seen some amazing kitchens over the years of visiting great country houses, it was a chance to bring a vision to life. It is a place to feed designers, clients and our growing number of staff with great food and ideas- it will lead to a great deal of creative cooking in every sense!!” Christopher Howe, Creative Director and Owner, Howe London

‘We established Plain English in 1992, first setting up shop in an old tannery and then later in a rather grand Georgian farmhouse deep in the Suffolk countryside. As the business grew we gradually converted outbuildings, barns and stables into workshops and design studios. It’s where we still make our kitchen cupboards today. And it’s often the re-imagining of life in this old building in its heyday- a life of genteel and bohemian aristocracy- that frames much of the inspiration for our work. The plain Georgian architecture, the simple domesticity and of course, a very English fascination with nature, with the weather and the seasons drifting across the landscape. Our aesthetic references the values of the past and gently evolves to embrace the modern ways we live now.’ Katie Fontana, Creative Director, Plain English 

If you would like any more information about the Howe kitchen please contact us ( or visit the Howe showroom to see the kitchen in action. Plain English are available by appointment every Friday for personal design consultations at the Howe showroom.

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