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HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2786
HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2786HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2798HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2787HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2790HL7503 Hollowed Tree Trunk_MG_2795_MG_2791

A large wood storage vessel

An impressive hand-worked vessel retaining the natural curves of the original tree trunk, with short square feet, all carved from a single piece of wood. The adze marks used in working the surfaces have left a gentle, rhythmic overall pattern.


Max Width: 500mm / 19¾"
Max Length: 330mm /13"
Max Height: 910mm / 35¾"

Max Width of Opening: 390mm /15½"

Item code: HL7503

Price: Please enquire