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Dumbbell Table

A classic café-style table, originally designed and created for chocolatier and patissier R Chocolate. Elegant but endlessly practical in how easily they can be rearranged and paired to create longer formations. The simple but expertly engineered steel base allows the top to completely transform the style – from the glamorous but relaxed chocolate shop to the rural but gutsy Suffield Arms restaurant which suited a waney edged oak top – felled from the very Norfolk Estate that the pub sits on.

Our Dumbell Table is made to order, with either a single or double steel stem, and the choice of a round/square or rectangular/oval top, respectively. A plasma cutting process is used to make each table base; a melting technique that allows heat to ‘cut’ through the metal. As a result the cut is unrefined, creating tactile edges and a finish that is authentic and worn. The steel is then given a carefully-timed patina, lending the metal a rich and deep colour.

The top can be made in varying sizes, shapes and materials, from ply to solid wood to marble, making it extremely versatile both in terms of style and price ~ cool and casual, raw and industrial or smart and glamorous ~ just what you need.

Craftsmanship and quality are absolutely central to everything we do at Howe London and we are passionate about promoting and preserving traditional skills, click here to read more.


Length: To Order
Width: To Order
Height: To Order

Item code: HB700053

Price: Please enquire


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