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Howe Home Folding Spark Guard LR
Howe Home Folding Spark Guard LRSpark Guards-00101O8A3108-1Spark Guards-0005Spark Guards-0013Spark Guards-0008Spark Guards-0011Spark Guards-0004Spark Guards-0003

Folding Spark Guard

Exceptional, wrought iron folding spark guard with hand woven mesh panels. These spark guards are hand made with unrivalled care and precision by a single craftsman meaning you are guaranteed an outstanding product.

Available in a patinated or blackened finish.

Made in England as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.

We also offer a straight, free standing spark guard as part of this collection or the option to order in bespoke sizes as part of our Made by Howe range.


Centre Panel Width: 768mm / 30¼"
Side Panel Width: 305mm / 12"
Handle Height: 57mm / 2¼"
Max Height: 768mm / 30¼"

Item code: HH8000FSGWO

Price: £3,018.00 (inc VAT)