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Hand Stitched Lampshade – Pompeian Buff

Beautiful hand stitched 16″ tapered lampshade, available now in a lighter and darker option of Pompeian Buff paper with a natural linen trim, visible hand stitched seams and copper frame. Designed to pair with our Howe Home Standard Lamp, but sold separately to compliment your light of choice.

Our Pompeian Buff lampshade is made from a very traditional Islamic paper from North India, using a sunn hemp fibre that is native to the region – the same fibre used for rope making. To give each sheet its deep orange colour, a dye that comes from the husk of pomegranate is brushed on by hand. The paper is then gently burnished by rubbing it on a curved block of wood with a smooth stone. The resulting paper is strong with a buffed finish, with natural variations in colour, weight and texture – creating a lampshade that looks beautiful as a standalone object, and producing a softened and subtle dappled effect when the light shines through.

Made in England and available now as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.


Base: 405mm/ 16"
Top: 305mm / 12"
Slope: 335mm / 13¼"

Item code: HH800010TP

Price: £546.00 (inc VAT)