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Howe Home Bedspread 1 – 9854-2
Howe Home Bedspread 1 – 9854-2Howe Home Bedspread 1 – 9866-2Howe Home Bedspread 1 – 9865-2Howe Home Bedspread 2 – 9844-2Howe Home Bedspread 3 – 9851-2Howe Home Bedspread 3 – 9807-2Howe Home Bedspread 3 – 9829-2Howe Home Bedspread 2 – 9840-2Howe Home Bedspread 2 – 9842-21O8A4323-1website-1-4

Indian Cut-Work Bedspread – Small

Beautiful Indian cut-work bedspreads. The face cut in papery ivory cotton fabric and backed with a lightly contrasting cream cotton, hand stitched together to reveal the unique design of the cut work. Choose from a range of three lovely designs, in both small and large sizes!

Handmade in India and available now as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.


Length: 2300mm / 90''
Width: 2700mm / 108''

Item code: HH8000BSS

Price: £210.00 (inc VAT)