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Painted-Curvey-Cupboard-0003Painted-Curvey-Cupboard-0001White-curvey-cupboard-1Curvey-Cupboard-openCurvey-Cupboard-detailPainted-Curvey-Cupboard-0007Painted-Curvey-Cupboard-0018Curvey-Cupboards-pairCurvey-CupboardsPainted-Curvey-Cupboard-0015Curvy-Cupboard-0007Curvy-Cupboard-0006Curvy-Cupboard-0012Curvy-Cupboard-0028Curvy-Cupboard-0021Curvy-Cupboard-0030Curvy-Cupboard-0022Curvy-Cupboard-0038Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24040Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24036Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24042Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24045Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24051Red curvy cupboard – D’erlanger & Sloan-24049

Painted Curvy Cupboard

Hand crafted in seasoned pitch-pine or poplar and brush painted in your choice of colour. Available to order in any size or finish

Craftsmanship and quality are absolutely central to everything we do at Howe London and we are passionate about promoting and preserving traditional skills, click here to read more.


Width: To Order
Depth: To Order
Height: To Order

Pantry Dimensions:
Width: 1100mm / 43½"
Depth: 360mm / 14"
Height: 1530mm / 60"

Wardrobe Dimensions:
Width: 1220mm / 48"
Depth: 610mm / 24"
Height: 2210mm / 87"

Item code: HB700106

Price: Please enquire for pricing.