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Scagliola Table Lamps

A grand addition to our Howe Home Collection, the beautifully and authentically made 18th Century style Scagliola Tuscan column lamp.

From the Italian scaglia, meaning “chips”, Scagliola was developed in 17th Century Tuscany and used extensively, particularly in ‘Sienna’, to decorate churches and palaces where it was prized for its richness and warmth.

Easily mistaken for natural marble and just as durable, creating scagliola is a highly specialized skill requiring historical knowledge and technical excellence to produce columns, sculptures and other architectural elements.

Our lamps are made traditionally; a light weight column core is applied with a hand-coloured plaster like scagliola substance, mixing textures and colours to create a coarse and lumpy object that only the craftsman himself knows will resemble fine marble or stone once cut and polished. It’s truly an art!

Made in England and available now as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.

Available now in ‘Sienna’, ‘Porphyry’, ‘Scalia Rossa’ and ‘Swedish Green’ set on a square timber base with a traditional gesso finish. Price includes the classic cream card shade. Wired with a silk flex and BC bulb fitting as standard, wiring for Europe and USA on request.


Height to base of bulb holder: 492mm / 19¼"
Height (inc shade): 750mm / 29½"
Base diameter: 170mm / 6¾''

Item code: HH800033

Price: £1,950.00 (inc VAT)