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Silhouette Bench

This elegant and sleek silhouette of a bench is crafted in beech and traditionally upholstered using horsehair to achieve a crisp and durable seat to use casually at a dining table, in front of a sofa, at the end of a bed, or as a perfect bench in a boot room or entrance hall.

Made in England and available now as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.


A handful of limited edition benches are available in antique sailcloth, super durable with a fantastic weathered patina and original hand stitched panel detailing


Width: 1360mm / 53½"
Depth: 465mm / 18¼"
Height: 465mm / 18¼"

Item code: HH800026

Price: £1,900.00 (inc VAT)