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Urn Lamps

An old Howe Home favourite in a shiny new range of colours, produced by the wonderfully skilled team at The Lacquer Company.

The classical silhouette of our Urn Lamp is turned in solid wood and traditionally lacquered in rural Vietnam, where the craft has flourished for centuries.
The ancient Son Mai lacquer process takes time, patience and skill. First, layers of Sinh are applied; a glue-like substance to harden and protect the wood. Next, natural lacquer is applied and mixed with fine ground mountain rock, alluvium soil and cashew nut shell oil. Each layer is allowed to dry slowly, in its own time before being wet-sanded in fresh water with fine carbon paper until perfectly smooth. This process must be repeated many, many times to achieve such a perfect, glossy finish.

Our new brilliant range of colours include:
Cartone Blue
Etna Orange
Panna White
Sicilian Green – SOLD OUT
Bonajuto Brown

The craft is recognised by UNESCO and our hope is that having adhered to a process which utilises local natural materials, that over time the lacquer will develop the kind of crackle and patina you might find on the very best antique examples of Asian Lacquer.
Clean only with a very soft, damp cloth (paper towels can be too abrasive). If scratches appear, Turtle Wax or similar car wax may be gently applied and polished to restore the finish.


Base Diameter: 145mm / 5¾"
Height: 420mm / 16½"

Item code: HH800005

Price: £795.00 (inc VAT)