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HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33929
HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33929HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33931HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33933HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33935HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33934HL7344 A George II mahogany ‘bird-cage’ tripod table-33936

George II Birdcage Tilt-Top Table on a Birdcage Mechanism

The plain circular tilt-top resting on a birdcage mechanism, revolving on the plain turned gun-barrel column with ring-turning at its top and base, raised on sturdy but elegantly shaped cabriole legs ending in pudgy pad feet characteristic of the period c.1710-1750.

The birdcage mechanism – supported on four squat turned and ring-turned columns – was an important structural and functional development in the earlier eighteenth century as new furniture forms were required in the pursuit of refined and elegant living. Tea-drinking became an important symbolic expression in polite society. A table such as this took pride of place in the fashionable multi-purpose parlours in town and country houses, set with blue-and-white tea ware imported from China, and a tea urn, imported enamel urns from Turkey being popular. A revolving top meant the hostess could serve tea with a minimum of fuss.

This table attests to the high standards of British craftsmanship in producing a robust but elegant design evident in subtle details around the feet and at the joints at the top of the sweeping cabriole legs.


Max Diameter: 863mm / 34"
Max Height: 713mm / 28"

Item code: HL7344

Price: Please enquire