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HL7370 – A Zeigler Mahal Carpet – 6981
HL7370 – A Zeigler Mahal Carpet – 6981HL7370 – A Zeigler Mahal Carpet – 6988aHL7370 – A Zeigler Mahal Carpet – 6982HL7370 – A Zeigler Mahal Carpet – 6985

A ‘Ziegler Mahal’ rug, central Persia, early C20th

The arresting all-over floral design of this rug is associated with the Anglo-Swiss company Ziegler & Co (established in the 1880s) which had started their own workshops in central Persia in Sultanabad (now Arak) to supplement a growing market for particularly large, decorative rugs around the turn of the twentieth century.

The central field of this rug contains an all-over design of flowers, fronds, and palmettes in rose, shades of blue, ivory, and green on a rich madder red field. Further curvilinear motifs are detailed in the borders. The dense all-over design evokes the jewel-like qualities found in millefiori Murano glass designs.

Despite areas of wear the quality of yarn used in the close-cropped pile ensures the rug has retained its vivid colours for more than a century.


Max Length: 3810mm / 150"
Max Width: 2720mm / 107"

Item code: HL7370

Price: £14,000.00


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