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Orangerie Bench

A tribute to the late 18th century Neoclassical style, our Orangerie Bench is made to order in a range of sizes and finishes, handcrafted in English quarter-sawn or brown oak by one of the country’s finest chair makers.

The Neoclassical (literally ‘new’ classic) style exploded in popularity in 1748 when the ruins of Pompeii were discovered and this previously hidden world became suddenly tangible. Neoclassical pieces were known for their straight lines and strict laws of symmetry, decorated with simple architectural motifs inspired by Ancient Rome and Greece.

Craftsmanship and quality are absolutely central to everything we do at Howe London and we are passionate about promoting and preserving traditional skills, click here to read more.


Max Length: To Order
Max Depth: 440mm / 17¼"
Max Height (including spheres): 560mm / 22"
Seat Height: 480mm / 19"

Item code: HB700101

Price: Retail price starting from £8,334 inc VAT.