Sale Howe

Pair of C19th Celadon Terracotta Jars

A fine pair of Celadon terracotta jars of fabulous proportion and in beautiful original condition, South China c.1850.

Celadon glaze refers to a family of transparent glazes, many with pronounced (and sometimes accentuated) cracks in the glaze produced in a wide variety of colours, generally used on porcelain or stoneware claybodies. Celadon glazes have such popularity and impact that pieces made with it are often referred to as “celadons.”

Celadon glazes can be produced in a variety of colours, including white, grey, blue and yellow, depending on several factors: 1) the thickness of the applied glaze, 2) the type of clay to which it is applied, and 3) the exact makeup of the glaze. However, the most famous shades range in colour from a very pale green to deep intense green, often meaning to mimic the green shades of jade. The colour is produced by iron oxide in the glaze recipe or clay body. Celadon are almost exclusively fired in a reducing atmosphere kilnas the chemical changes in the iron oxide which accompany depriving it of free oxygen are what produce the desired colours. As with most glazes, crazing (a glaze defect) can occur in the glaze and, if the characteristic is desirable, is referred to as “crackle” glaze.

  • Max Height: 274mm / 11"
  • Diameter: 254mm / 10"