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HOWE_LR Wormington Dairy1
HOWE_LR Wormington Dairy11__32583-1P1020194-e1441378351684TildenHOWE_LR Wormington Dairy2HL14512 – Tilden Table (Rita Konig) -8632 copyHL14512 – Tilden Table (Rita Konig) -8638HL14512 – Tilden Table (Rita Konig) -86462024 – HL15130 – Tilden Table (Cathy Kincaid) – 3345a2024 – HL15130 – Tilden Table (Cathy Kincaid) – 3347a2024 – HL15130 – Tilden Table (Cathy Kincaid) – 3350a2024 – HL15130 – Tilden Table (Cathy Kincaid) – 3365aChartwell House’s Dining Room, the country residence of Sir Winston ChurchillChartwell House’s Dining Room, the country residence of Sir Winston Churchill

Tilden Table

In 1922 architect and avid traditionalist Philip Tilden was asked by Heal & Sons to develop a table for Winston Churchill at Chartwell. He improved on an existing Heal’s design to meet Churchill’s (unconventional) desire for a narrower width – believing that a narrow table would encourage more conversation… and what conversations they must have been!

Ambrose Heal liked Tilden’s design so much that, with his permission, he began to produce it with his Heal cabinet makers and sell it in his infamous shop.

In keeping with the traditional, our respectful rendition – the ‘Tilden Table’ is made to order in English quarter sawn oak on double Tuscan-style column end standards, joined by a flat stretcher, on bracket feet. It is constructed with a characteristic cross beam underframe, providing a structure and stability that respects wood’s desire to subtly move over time. The traditional and durable mortise and tenon joints are time consuming to create, each by hand, but well worth the effort for a refectory table we trust will stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and design.

Ref: Please see the circular version in Chartwell House’s Dining Room, the country residence of Sir Winston Churchill.

Craftsmanship and quality are absolutely central to everything we do at Howe London and we are passionate about promoting and preserving traditional skills, click here to read more.


Length: To Order

Width: To Order

Height: 755mm / 29¾"

Recommended dimensions:

Length: 2290mm / 90"

Width: 900mm / 35½"

Item code: HB700059

Price: Please enquire for pricing.