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Squab Cushion – Burnley

The NEW Howe Home squab cushion, ready-to-throw on to your favourite chair or bench for instant added comfort. Wonderfully practical and versatile, these neat, rectangular cushions are designed to suit just about any seat.

Naturally, we’ve chosen a luxurious, environmentally and bottom friendly combination of horsehair and cashmere for comfort and warmth. Handmade with a crisp boxy border, which takes a little more time to make along with the float buttons and contrasting hand embroidered HOWE logo, but we think the effort is well worth it.

Made in Burnley Ticking from Howe at 36 Bourne Street’, a classic and endlessly useful fabric, traditionally woven in Lancashire.

Also available in Humbug Ticking. and Natural Linen.

Made in England as part of our Howe Home collection; the essentials, ready to go, no compromise to quality, no less a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, only more efficient production techniques.

Dry clean recommended.



Height: 30mm / 1¼"
Width: 400mm / 15¾"
Depth: 350mm / 13¾"

Weight: 0.65kg

Item code: HH8000SCA

Price: £165.00 (inc VAT)